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Amaze Carbo Plus 1 Kgs.

  • BrandsAmaze
  • Product Code: CRP001
  • Availability: In Stock

  • ₹1,050.00


Amaze Carbo Plus is full of top muscle boosters, sterols extracted from Cereals and Pulses of plants,  muscle optimizer and digestive enzymes. If you want to add some mass or just want to bulk even in the off-season period, then Amaze Carbo Plus is the solution to your problems. If you go back in time and look at bodybuilding tips, then you will surely find the “weight gainer” products listed. Maybe you purchased and used one during high school, when you were part of the sports l team, long before you started a bodybuilding career. A weight gainer was probably part of your diet, along with Animal Pak and you knew that it worked. However, nowadays, weight gainers face a diminishing popularity, even though their main ingredients didn’t change too much.


However, regardless of the time you started bodybuilding, you always knew that you need calories if you want to gain high quality muscle. And the best solution for you is our Amaze Carbo Plus is the best solution.