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    ·         High rich Calories:Amaze Weight Gainer is a simple and effective healthy weight gain supplement in India for any adult looking to gain weight. It is crafted to fuel your muscles with needed calories per serving with milk to promote faster muscle synthesis and prevent post-workout muscle loss


    ·         High Rich Protein of Amaze Weight Gainer provides adequate of protein in every 100 grams serving with milk to help build lean muscle mass. This special formula enables your body to gain and maintain a healthy weight


    ·         Essentail Vitamin & Minerals Blend for Digestive enzymes:.: This weight gainer protein  is a mix of Egg Yolk Powder and Gaining weight will be increased in short span. This supplement is fortified with Essential vitamins & minerals to help bridge the nutrient gaps, boost immunity and performance. It also supports the synthesis of new muscle build-up. The blend of digestive enzymes helps in improving digestion and absorption of healthy nutrients


    ·         Additional Fuell for your Workouts:: This weight gainer supplement for workout men to helps to deliver optimum energy to the body. With needed of complex carbohydrates per serving, this weight gain supplement helps refill the glycogen reserves in the body which are used as fuel during intense workouts


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